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is a work of art.

Join the club of Art Investors, become co-owner of great art. 

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How it works

Choose an art piece and buy an amount of quotas of your choice.

Become co-owner

We manage the art piece for 5 years with the aim of selling it at 
a higher value.

Let us take care of everything

Sell your shares to other members or wait for the final sale of the 
art piece.

Earn from your quotas

Our Artworks

The first three art pieces soon available for your collection.

Andy Warhol

Campell’s Soup T-shirt Signed

Damien Hirst

Spin Painting

Andy Warhol

Campell’s Dress Signed


We are an international team of experts in art and technology. We are together to make investing in art accessible to everyone. 

Art Lover & Entrepreneur

Hans Jurgen Goessl


Innovation Leader 

& Digital Strategist

Ricardo Pinto

Gallerist & Art Owner

Rudolf Budja

Chief Financial Strategies

Alessandro Ciacchini

Head of Art Selection

Francesca Martinoli


Editor & Art Advisor

Valeria Frei

Communication Specialist

Anastasia Kolyada

Former EVP Lenovo Group, Chairman & President Motorola

Aymar De Lencquesaing


Financial Advisor

Herbert Poschusta


Artashes Terzyan

asked questions

MyCrowdArt is on exclusive Art Owners Club that gathers and selects art pieces and collectibles to make them available for the subscribed members for co-ownership in pre-enstablished parts. In this manner, the members are able to create a private art collection as well as an investment portfolio with attractive returns.

What is MyCrowdArt?

All of the assets are owned by dedicated SPV company (for example, “MCA.Gioconda, LLC”). When you invest in a selected art piece, you become its co-owner, in the same way as a shareholder of a company owns its specific asset. 

Who owns the art piece?

All the art pieces have full insurance and are under the management of MyCrowdArt. We design an evaluation path for each Masterpiece and expose them to relevant museums, galleries and exhibitions. With the app you will always know where the piece is and you will receive your exclusive advantages such as discounts and private views.

Where are the assets?

MyCrowdArt takes 6% fee for subscription and for the direct costs (credit card fee, registering co-ownership in the public register).

What are the fees and commissions?

The co-ownership subscription lasts for 5 years, after which the co-owner can exit. An earlier exit is possibile when the art piece reaches +20% as capital gain. Premium members can sell quotas of the piece anytime to other premium members.

How can I exit?

Become co-owner 
of great art.

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